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Your Global Partners since 1976
Kahraman Tarim Urunleri Ticaret ve Sanayi A. S.
3. Organize San. Bol. 83320 Cad. No. 7
27120, Gaziantep, Turkey
Tel. +90 342 337 8737 Fax.+90 342 337 8757
Certified with:
E-mail: info@kahramanas.com
Our operations include separate premises for Nuts and Dried Fruits | Hulled Sesame Seeds & Tahini | and Other Ingredients.

Each facility has own Food Safety measures, including Quality Certificates of ISO 9001, FSS22000 and BRC.

1976 - establishment of the company as family owned entity
1981 - new facilities for processing of Pistachios in Gaziantep | for processing of Pine Nut Kernels in Izmir
1986 - establishment of Free Zone company & facilities in Mersin, Turkey
2000 - new buildings in Gaziantep in accordance with HACCP and Food Safety plans
2008 - new production facilities in Industrial Zone in Gaziantep. Latest laser, color machines have been set up in the line of production & process
Our dedication to global food industry led us to a worldwide recognized company.

Our core value composes integration of our customers to our supply & value chain, sharing knowledge,, market experience and product outsourcing together.

From the Raw products on tree or field, through our production until our delivery procedure; our priority is Food Safety with sustainability at highest quality produces.

Our commitment is for total customer satisfaction & continuous investment in our industry.

Processing lines include latest technology of;
- Laser & Color Screeners
- Pasteurizers
- Sterilizers
- Apps for GMP, traceability, sustainability in production | Process | Quality and Food Safety
- ISO 9001:2015
- FSSC22000
- Organic Certificate (subj. re-valuation)
for Pistachios & Pine nut Kernels